Membership and Constitution

Benefits of Membership

     Copy of the MACS Constitution and Bylaws

      Reduced fees to MACS conferences and seminars

      Job referral 

      Peer Resource network

      Regular Regional Meetings that include educational workshops and


      Notification and summaries of regional meetings

      Notification of legislative issues

      The right to vote and hold office

      Quarterly Newsletters 

 Associate Membership- $40

  • Open to all individuals with a interest in MACS that do not meet the criteria for full  membership. Included in this category are Friends of MACS, such as entertainers, volunteers, businesses, students, and retired individuals.
  • Associate members may not vote or hold office.

Full Membership - $50

Open to all individuals employed full or part-time in activities in a geriatric       setting; such as a consultant, coordinator, director, assistant, etc.  Also open to retirees who hold current certification through NCCAP or NAAP. 


Membership Application - Click to Download

Please send your application to P.O. Box 1231, Frederick, MD  21702